5 Reasons Why Your Wife Should Be Your Bestfriend!

So, how many men out there consider their wives to be their bestfriends? Here, are 5 reasons why your wife should be your closest friend.

1. She gets you.

Your wife has been through it all with you. All those happy moments, tragic moments, embarrassing moments, she has been right by your side. So, your friends might listen to you and understand what you're going through but they will never really know how you feel. Whereas, your wife will actually get it. Because, she has been there all along.

2. You spend all your time with her.

She literally sleeps with you. Invest in a friendship with her. How awesome would it be to hang out with your best friend all day everyday? While, 'friends' move away or have different priorities, you can count on your wife to always be by your side. Cause, she is your life-long partner.

3. You will be role model for your children. 

Looking at your amazing friendship, your children will also emulate the behavior for when they get married. Not only that, children will learn to always put family first. Such, love and friendship will create a warm and loving environment in the house.

4. You can trust her.

You can trust her with anything. She will never betray you. You don't have to put up a fake face with her. You can let her into the deepest parts of your heart. And, you can be a 100% confident that she will always think in your best interest.

5. She would love to do with you all those things you'd rather do with your friends.

Well maybe not all the 'fun things'. But, she would certainly love to do some of those things. Stop stereotyping and actually give her a chance. You might actually end up enjoying it!

Think about this...
When Rasool Allah SAW first received the revelation and he was terrified, who did he go to? He went to Khadijah (RA). When he was asked who he loved most? In front of a full gathering of companions (without a moment of hesitation), he said "Aisha". He used to race with Aisha (RA). Throughout Seerah you will find such instances which show the friendship he (SAW) had with his wives.

Now, this doesn't mean a man should not have other friends Friendship between a husband and wife is absolutely necessary. Marriage is not a prison. Really, marriage is what you make of it. And, you will get what you sow. If you give all you have, you will get back. Like they say, a woman is a reflection of her man. If he treats her good. you will see it in her eyes, in her smile. And, if he hurts her, you will see that too in her eyes and in her smile.


  1. "Marriage is not a prison, it is what you make of it. You reap what you sow." - Very creatively written. Masha Allah, do keep sharing more creative ideas transformed into writings. :)

  2. In Christianity, God has given man a friend, so that he is not alone. Mariage is not just about what you have to do, but about friendship. That comes before anything else, people tend to forget this.
    I love your blog, is inspiring.
    I am a hairdresser dealing sometimes with muslim Women's hair. I have to learn about them first of all.


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