How To NOT Gain Weight After Marriage

It is a fact that most women gain weight after marriage. I gained a lot of weight ( about 17 kilos!!!) over the years after marriage . It wasn't a big problem for me because I was skinny and I needed some fat in my body. Now, four years later (better late than never) it has downed on me how much unhealthy weight I've gained. And, if I wanted I could have taken a healthier route towards gaining weight.

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Anyways, so I thought I'd share my experience for newly wed or to be brides to take a lesson from. Because, it is really hard to lose that fat later! Fat is the hardest to burn off.

This is why women usually gain weight after marriage.

Bad eating habits

With all the new changes that come with married life there will be a change in your diet. Being happy will make you eat. And, then being sad will make you eat. Weekends are all about hogging delicious junk food with the better half, you know just enjoying life. Months pass, and it becomes a lifestyle.

Birth Control Pills

These pills and other such injections make you gain weight. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Maybe, in some cases women don't gain weight. But, a majority do gain weight because of these pills. Stay away! These pills ruin your metabolism and just mess up the whole body system causing the body to become sluggish. I don't care what the doctors say, just don't mess with your hormones.


Before we get married, we are too focused on how we look. Afterwards, our focus changes, different priorities, different responsibilities because of which we stop taking care of ourselves. We also kind off take our husband's for granted.

"Oh, he's stuck with me doesn't matter if I look like a lady or a truck."

And, so the weight slowly creeps on us and followed by pregnancy we should just say bye-bye to pre-marriage body.

The excess weight that you put on after marriage (due to the above reasons) plus the weight that you will put on during pregnancy will cause a lot of problems later on. To be healthy we need to have a balanced body.

What should you do to NOT gain weight?

Watch your diet. Make sure you eat balanced meals. Less of sugar and oils. If you love eating out, limit it to once a week. Icecreams once a week. You don't have to count any calories or prepare food plans. Just make sure you include enough fruits and vegetables and other natural healthy foods.

Exercise regularly. Make it a part of your everyday routine. Even if it is for 10 mins, exercise everyday. This will keep you fit, energetic and strong even in your forties. It's not too late to start. Start now!

I hope these tips are helpful. If I've missed any points, comment and let me know.

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