Apple Cider Vinegar For Acne, Scars & Clogged Pores

I already wrote about my ACV toner in a previous post but then I figured that I need to honor this beautiful liquid with a more detailed post. So, here we go.

You already know I've gone all natural in my skincare and I flippin love it. Never ever going back to store bought products! I've never been so satisfied with my skincare. Alhamdullilah!

Apple cider vinegar is a miracle in a bottle. It reduces and prevents acne, it fades scars, it unclogs pores, prevents whiteheads and blackheads (in my experience).

It has innumerable benefits! Awhile back I wrote a rant on shampoo and how I'm quitting it because it ruined my scalp, my scalp was itchy and oily. Well, you know what restored my scalp back to health? Apple cider vinegar, my new bestfriend! I will write a separate post on my new long hair care routine.

I got a GIANT bottle of it because that's how much I love it.

For now let's just talk about ACV for skin. I've been doing the Oil cleansing method for the past 2 and 1/2 months. But, I've been having some hormonal breakouts in my chin area. Thank you PMS! So, I needed something a little extra to control my hormonal acne and I read about ACV. I decided to try it and within 3 days my skin became stable. It made my skin so clear and glowing. My pores are hardly hardly visible! My scars are a little faded but all of this in 3 days!?! That's amazing.

Someone even recommend ACV for back acne. If you suffer from back acne then you should definitely try it.

ACV is natural. I know vinegar might sound scary but trust me it's amazing. Don't judge until you try it for yourself.

How to use it? 
I've mine in a little bottle. Make a mixture of half ACV with half water. The quantity you make depends on you but the ratio should  be half ACV and half water. You don't have to store this in the fridge, you can keep it in your room or bathroom and it will not spoil. I apply this at night or sometimes in the morning. I use a cotton pad to apply it.

If you're married and don't want to stink of vinegar at night, just do it when your husband goes to work in the morning.

It will be a little smelly but the smell goes away in a few minutes. Don't wash your face after you apply this toner, let it work on your face. And, no you will not be smelling like vinegar. The ACV toner is diluted so it doesn't smell as strong.

If you've been suffering with acne for a long time, give ACV  a shot but remember you cannot use other acne medications with this. It might cause a chemical burn. Also, if you've sensitive skin please spot test on a small area before applying on the whole face.

Here's my skincare summed up. I bought the plastic bottles from City Max for 7 SR. They have made storage so easy and mess-free.

Once my skin stabilizes I will probably use ACV less often, like maybe two times a week only. I know natural skincare looks like too much work but with those little plastic bottles you can store everything like a store bought product. It's worth it!

Have you tried ACV? Let me know your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Hi I had heard alot about ACV for skin and I did give it a try after Eid in August. I tried for the first 3 days, but the 4th day I got alot of pimples. Like really a bad breakout. :| So then I stopped it. Alhamdulilah skin is better now I wash it twice in the day. but I guess AVC dint work out with me or should I give it a try again?

    1. That is bc your face was detoxing. All the bad stuff was purging out, shoulda kept using it. Before you get better there are times when it becomes worse before you heal. Try it again...

    2. That is bc your face was detoxing. All the bad stuff was purging out, shoulda kept using it. Before you get better there are times when it becomes worse before you heal. Try it again...

  • How to use the sunflower oil moisturizer? Do we need to wash our face after using it?

  • i actually love the fresh clean smell of ACV in hair and water, so i won't mind it on the face.
    the scent just makes me think if cruncy fresh apples, that js helpful in the morning when it's a slow start.
    did you know you can put other things into the vinegar, benificial herbs or flowers that you like the smell of, and which can also enhance the beauty or therapy experience.

  • If the ACV is left on the scalp(not rinsed off)....will it block Minoxidil from being absorbed?

  • i also used it before. and i really really impressed with the result. it does clear my breakout from my skin and it also make my skin look glowing. but the con's about AVC is the smell.

  • i am using apple cider viniger on my face and i have a week to using it. my white heads problen is out but i was started to use it in order to shrink my large acne pores but now i feel like the pores are more enlarge after the use of this mixture. i am very confuse + upset..


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