Super Amazing - Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer At Home

Girls, first let me just tell you. This home-made primer is just ah-mazing!! I promise you will love it. After applying this my eyeshadow is more vibrant and doesn't even budge! I'm in love with this!!!

Honestly, before I used this primer I was not a huge believer in primers. I noticed that eye shadow without primer rubs off easily and fades fast. The one with primer is super pigmented and won't budge!

Eye shadow primer is necessary to make your eye shadow or any eye makeup stay longer. Using eye shadow primer will make a huge huge difference. You will notice better pigmentation and your eye shadow won't smudge. It will stay on for hoursssss.

Eye primers from high-end stores will cost you more than 50- 150 SR. But, this eye primer will cost you absolutely nothing. You will need simple ingredients that you most probably already have.

Getting started all you need is:

  • A little container
  • Cornstarch or Baby Talc
  • Foundation or Concealer (I used my Garnier BB cream)
  • Body Butter or Face Moisturizer (cannot use lotion as it is too runny in consistency) I used Olay's moisturizer.

Whisk small amounts of foundation and moisturizer together and add in some cornstarch till you get a thick consistency. Use proportionate amounts, the amount you use of each depends entirely on you. Play around and find out what works for you best.

If you have oily skin around the eyes, add more cornstarch. If you have dry skin, then add more moisturizer. 

Some of you might be surprised at the use of cornstarch but I promise you, cornstarch has no color and will leave no residue.

Before applying eye-makeup, just apply a small amount of primer on your eyelid. Wait for it to dry and then apply your makeup.

This eye primer works as good as any other high-end primer. If you are a makeup girl like me, you HAVE to try this. 

Try this and do comeback and tell me how much you love it! ;)


  1. great!i should try this!my eyelid is oily and definitely this will help

  2. thanks for this wonderful trick can u plz write a post if we can make home made concealers aswell :)

  3. This primer worked really well for me. Thank you. I used Johnson's baby talc, Revlon colorstay power foundation and Olay moisturizing lotion.
    it was perfect. Thanks Saadia

    1. Sorry it was L'Oreal True Match Powder Foundation, not Revlon.


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